Bar Wars: New Orleans business threatens suit against Hattiesburg restaurant

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A popular Bourbon Street bar known for the potent drink "the hand grenade" has filed a cease and desist order against a Hattiesburg bar accusing it of illegally marketing and selling a drink by the same name.

Attorneys for Tropical Isle in New Orleans have sent a letter to DeRe' LaRouge in Hattiesburg giving them five days to stop using the name.

Tropical Isle owner and Hattiesburg native Earl Bernhardt says he patented the hand grenade and grenade name in 1987. He says the Hattiesburg bar is promoting the drink on its Facebook page.

The order goes on to say the likelihood of confusion is very strong given the geographical proximity between New Orleans and Hattiesburg. Tropical Isle attorneys say if DeRe' LaRouge ignores the cease and desist order, further legal action will be taken.

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