Hattiesburg Planning Commission denies petition

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM)-   The Hattiesburg Planning Commission denied a petition of a scrap metal facility moving into Hattiesburg.

With a tally of one approving, three denying and one abstaining, the proposal of moving a scrap yard on to Mixon street in Hattiesburg was rejected.

Several citizens who live along and around the area came to urge the commission to vote against it. The residents expressed concerns of traffic, noise and even contamination.

The citizens said in the end, the facility would be a "junk yard", and it would do more harm than good to the community. Marc Jaffe, owner of Southern Recycling, the company that would have brought the facility to the city said it would not be a junk yard.

Jaffe added, the materials brought to the building would be crushed, loaded in a trailer and taken to New Orleans for shredding daily.

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