Bully survivor creates program to help victims

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) - 19-year-old Kelsey Jackson is a bullying survivor. Tuesday morning she and her mother spoke to this room of teachers, school officials and other professions about bullying.

"When it first started it was really the psychological intimidation. The behind your back. The rolling your eyes. Not including me. I never really got to sit at the lunch table. Go to birthday parties. Spend the night parties. Things like that," said Jackson.

What made matters worse, the bullying was initiated by a friend, who turned against her. Jackson says things got so bad it affected her physically.

"I would cry myself to sleep every night. I would cry before I had to go to school every morning. It got to the point where I would actually get physically sick before I had to got to school," said Jackson.

During the lecture, Kelsey's mother, Jennifer Jackson explained female bullying as being different from boys. Jackson says Kelsey opened up to a teacher before she told her parents. The teacher didn't believe her because the bully was a popular girl in school.

"Her teacher said it couldn't be her she is my best student. So, it is a very very tough thing to go through, because its hard hard to find the source of female bullying," said Jennifer Jackson.

Kelsey said after telling her parents and bringing the matter to school administrators nothing was done. Jackson and her family saw only one way out.

"I decided that it was best to leave school and get away from those girls," said Kelsey Jackson.

After transferring schools in the 9th grade, Jackson and her mother decided to bring awareness to female bullying. Kelsey started a program called "Mean Girls Aren't Cool."

"Me and my mom started a program where I can go speak to girls about this, and let them know what is going on. Let them know how to handle it because I have been through it," said Jackson.

Jackson says through this program she has helped victims, those who bully, and professionals like these people to recognized the signs and stop it.

"I am really glad this actually happened. I thanked the girls that did this to me, because if it weren't for them I wouldn't be doing this program, speaking to other girls and trying to help. I really think I came out on the upper end of the situation, " said Jackson.

For more information on female bullying and Kelsey's program go to www.meangirlsnotcool.com