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New technology helps coaches monitor athletes' temperatures

Hothead Technologies in Atlanta has developed small sensors for football helmets that could help keep players cooler and safer this season.

The sensors monitor the temperature inside the helmet. When it reaches 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, coaches are notified on a handheld device and can check to make sure the player isn't overheating. All 85 players on the Hoover High School varsity team in Hoover, Ala. already have the sensors in their helmets.

Coaches said the technology has worked well and it has given them peace of mind.

"It's another way to monitor kids," said Hoover's head trainer, Brandon Sheppard. "You have more information at your hands to make a better informed decision on players' health."

Hoover coaches said they're always cautious when practicing in the heat and make sure players have  plenty of water breaks. But this new tool is one more way to make sure everyone stays healthy.

"Here in the South, as hot as it is, in practice and during the game, we definitely want to keep up with kids as far as safety goes," said Coach Josh Niblett.

Other teams using the H.O.T. helmet system so far include Georgia State University, Georgia Southern University, the Texas All Stars and more.

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