Dubard School Director talks about Dyslexia Awareness

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM) -  Dyslexia may be recognized once a year nationally, but in the Dubard School for Language Disorder classrooms it is a daily lesson.

Director of the Dubard School, Maureen Martin says Dyslexia is no longer the stereotype of seeing words backwards.

"Dyslexia is a language based learning disability. It typically results in a person having difficulty with reading, writing and spelling," said Martin.

Martin says when evaluating a child at preschool age for Dyslexia they look at oral development. Older kids like Will Bustin says before being diagnosed he felt confused.

"Reading... understanding stuff," said Bustin.

Martin says there is no cure for Dyslexia but there is a teaching skill called multisensory teaching which helps children succeed in learning.

"Multisensory Teaching Learning means that you use visual cues , auditory cues , kinesthetic cues as in writing and tactile cues. Multisensory means we use all of the modalities that are available to help one learn to remember," said Martin.

For Yanni Gray multisensory has help improve his learning skills.

"Sounds, syllables ,words then sentences. Then bigger words ,sentences then stories then imagination stories," said Gray.

At the Dubard school they have to teach the kids slowly and thoroughly, which could be the key to success later in life.

"It teaches them self-discipline that serves them very well in their continuing educational careers. We do see that often times that it  helps them be successful through out their lives," said Martin.

For more information on Dyslexia you can go to www.interdys.org

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