Social Media helps reunite lost dachshund with owner

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thanks to Craig's List, Facebook, and a few good Samaritans a Hattiesburg pet owner and her lost Dachshund have been reunited.

When Deborah Devore arrived home last week after being out of town she was told her 3 year old Dachshund had run off and had been missing for two days. She walked the neighborhood looking for her pet. She searched for hours, but did not find her.

"Then I called my family and my mom suggested that we put up signs in the neighborhood and that we put a posting on Craig's List," said Devore. I also went by the Humane Society to check and see if she was there and I left a flyer with them.

On the night the dog went missing the mother of Marlee Kee of Hattiesburg spotted Bugger running back and forth across Jackson Road. She stopped to check and see if she had a collar or tags.

"She decided to pull over just to see if the dog would come to her," said Kee. "When she opened the door Bugger hopped right into the car with her. She was terrified and shaking."

Kee's mother took the dog home with her and called her daughter. Kee went to her mother's home and took the dog home with her. When she got home she took a picture of her and put it on her Facebook page and tagged the Southern Pines Animal Shelter page. She also called several area vets and the shelter to see if the dog was reported missing.

"I had actually checked my Facebook page the following morning and saw a message from Deborah's mom that said yay, you have our baby and my heart dropped. I didn't want to finish reading it," said Kee.

It so happened a third person happened to read both online posts and noticed they were the same dog and contacted Devore's mother. Bugger and Devore were happily reunited later that day.

"I want to thank her so much for finding my dog and taking care of her. She took care of her for several days," said Devore. "I also want to thank her for giving her back because I know that they loved her and wanted to keep her  and I just thank her for bringing us back together."

Sunday afternoon the Kee family had a little mini reunion at Devore's home and promised to remain a part of both of their lives.

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