COPY-Autistic students named homecoming royalty

GREENWOOD, IN (WXIN/CNN) – Two autistic Indiana high school students who have been friends for most of the lives were named to their freshman class homecoming court.

Alex Parker and Ali Callahan shares lunch and so much more as autistic friends, they have grown up together.

"We're going to be homecoming prince and princess," Ali said.

When it came time to elect homecoming prince and princess, the ninth graders at Center Grove in Greenwood, IL, grabbed their cell phones and started texting one another to vote for Alex and Ali.

"We thought that these people are really beautiful on the inside and they deserve to get it," said Cedar Grove student, Darbi Ruff.

The mothers of both students were moved by the freshman class to choose their children for prince and princess.

"Ali is just thrilled and she shares it with everyone," Ali's mother, Diane Callahan said. "Everywhere we go she gives the information she's embraced it."

Alex and Ali were friends with Noah Kriese, the Center Grove student who disappeared into a Swiss Waterfall. Two years ago, Kriese went out of his way to befriend and draw Ali and Alex into the mainstream of the student body.

"We always talk about the spirit on Noah, he truly cared for these kids and treated them like they were just regular kids and enjoyed them," Alex's mother, Jennifer Parker said.

The students received the biggest standing ovation at the afternoon pep rally Friday, when they were announced prince and princess.

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