Laurel hosts annual "Loblolly Festival"

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Thousands of people visited Laurel Saturday to shop, eat and listen to live music as part of that city's largest annual outdoor festival. The Loblolly Festival featured arts and crafts, food and lots of different types of music, from pop to Celtic.

It was a great day for visitors to find great bargains or for vendors to make a few extra dollars.

"It's a lot of fun to be here," said Jeannie Walters of the Myrick Community in Jones County. "There's a lot of food, I've seen a lot of friends. It's a great place to bring your pets, your grandchildren," Myrick said.

"You get to meet the public, interact with so many different people," said John Franks, a vendor from Clinton, Miss. "You actually get a lot of new ideas at times and the people are very kind," Franks said.

During Saturday's event, Laurel mayor Melvin Mack signed a proclamation indicating that Laurel will participate in a national Healthy City campaign.

He also encouraged citizens to take part in a citywide "Day of Play" on the morning of October 15 in front of city hall.

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