Construction about to begin on new Lamar County elementary school

LAMAR COUNTY, (WDAM) - Construction of the new Lamar County elementary school is about to get underway and will take about a year to complete.

The design of the school will be modeled after the recently built elementary schools in Oak Grove. It will be located on West 4th Street near Jackson Road. Over the last 4 years the school district has seen an increase off about 2000 new students. When completed the school will be able to accommodate 700 to 750 K through 5 students and will help to alleviate overcrowding in the counties other elementary schools.

The Lamar County School Board voted Wednesday to accept the $9.3 million dollar bid of Hanco Corporation of Hattiesburg for the project.

"We have 16th section principle funds which are funds we can only borrow against for capital improvements for new construction and we're borrowing," said Doctor Ben Burnett, Superintendent, Lamar County Schools. "It's our money but we're borrowing against that and we already have the loan repayment built into the budget. So it will not be an increase in budget or taxes.

Burnett says this is just the first of many new building projects with the next focus being in Sumrall where overcrowding is a problem at the elementary school.

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