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How hairstyles can make you look younger

Ever had a bad hair day? Women in particular know that a good or bad coiffure can make or break your day. But can a hairstyle actually take years off of your appearance? Many women answer with a resounding "Yes!

Stylist Larry Walker knows all the right tricks to keep his clients at the Scott Fisher Salon looking youthful. The first thing he recommends is minimizing the use of hair products to let your locks flow more freely.

"Not so clicked back; not so harsh," he says. "[You want] breeze."

Following that, Walker also says you should think soft. Volume and softness add youth. So does the right shade of color -- which Walker says should not be extreme.

"When you get into a softer color, as you get older, it's going to diminish any wrinkles or imperfections," he explains.

And finally, Walker says that he loves the "side sweep" style. It's an easy fix, and your hair will be screaming "Fun!" instead of "Help!"

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