WDAM Viewpoint- George Robert Hall

September 27, 2011

Something I have observed in life is that if someone sees themselves as a hero…they probably aren't one.  If someone thinks they are humble…they probably are not.  In tonight's newscast we are honored to air an interview we did last week with a gentleman who neither considers himself as a hero or one possessing of humility.  Yet, anyone who knows…or has read or heard about the life of Col. George Robert Hall knows that he is both.  A POW in Hanoi for 71/2 years after being shot down over North Vietnam on this day in 1965 he endured more with honor than most of us will ever have to.  His has been a life of honor, commitment to duty, character, and achievement.  I hope some of that came through in our story.  Today Col. Hall is enduring yet another battle.  This time the enemy is Parkinson disease.  Yet, it has not defeated him in spirit and it cannot take his dignity nor honor.  The word hero is used, often too loosely,  in today's world.  But living among us is a true hero who is too humble and graceful to ever call himself one.  George Robert Hall is someone we should admire, respect and strive to emulate.  We salute him on this, the anniversary of what was to begin his long ordeal in 1965 and thank him for his sacrifice and service.  I'm Jim Cameron, write and let us know what you think.