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Tips for making safe roadside repairs

It can happen to any of're headed down the highway and suddenly, a tire blows out. Or you forgot to check the gas meter before heading out and find yourself stranded on empty.

Breaking down on the highway is a dangerous situation to be in for both drivers and patrollers. Donnie Bell, a freeway service patrol technician, offers a few tips for making your own roadside repairs safely.


  • If you can, try to get to an area without a guardrail and get as far off of the highway as possible. Distracted drivers can be deadly.
  • Make sure you're facing traffic, or doing your best to, while making your repairs. If it's dark out, keep in mind that you are basically invisible to passing cars.
  • Keep all of your lights on, including your hazard lights, to make yourself and your vehicle as visible as possible.
  • Maintain a roadside safety kit in your car and keep a brightly colored vest or other article of clothing on hand to use in case of an emergency.

"Traffic is really close to you when you're on the side of the road, especially on the traffic side of the car," concludes Bell. "Always keep your eyes open and try to watch traffic more than what you're working on."

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