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Most dangerous sports for kids

A new study reveals that most sudden deaths in young athletes are caused by a blow to the head.  The study tracked trauma-related deaths in athletes under the age of 21 during a 30-year period, focusing on head and neck injuries.

Subsequently, many other sports-related injuries are being reported nationwide.  In an excerpt from the Cleveland Clinic's article Adolescent Sports Injuries, it states:

"Injuries related to sports participation fall into two types of trauma: micro (due to repetitive trauma) and macro (due to a single traumatic event). Often these injuries are trivialized and the young athlete is asked or encouraged to "toughen up and play through the pain." This approach is not in the young athlete's best interest for the following reasons:

  • It often leads to delayed healing and return to sports
  • It can turn an easily treatable injury into one that becomes
    difficult to treat, and
  • In some cases, it can result in a prominent injury that precludes
    sports participation

Unfortunately, the ever-popular sports of football, baseball and boxing are responsible for most of injuries today and the more fashionable the sport the more kids are playing it. 

In a sports-committed world we can find comfort in knowing the cutting-edge protective equipment available today will help prevent the worst youth sports injuries of tomorrow. 

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