Lumberton citizens protesting at City Hall

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - "Concerned about the mistreatment and the persecution, and the prosecution of our Mayor Miriam Holder," said Eugene Underwood, Spokesperson for Concerned Citizens group.

Eugene Underwood is just one of the many supporters of Mayor Miriam Holder. Underwood says the arrest warrant issued for the mayor on misdemeanor obstruction of justice charges is not the only issue the concerned citizens group has against the city.

"We have $87,000 that has been in our budget that we have been questioning the board as to where it has gone. There is an investigation trying to find out where this money has been spent," said Underwood.

The $87,000 isn't the only amount of money the citizens are upset about. Underwood says the city clerk and the police chief received raises while the city is hurting financially.

"This is a small town that is dying. Listen to what they did. They gave the police chief a raise upon hiring him as chief. They gave the city clerk a $3,000 dollar raise just recently," said Underwood.

City Clerk, Stephanie Mullins did not want to talk on camera, but she did show us papers documenting the chief of police salary and her own. On this document you can see the city clerk makes $31,000 and the chief of police is noted as making $30,000.

But Underwood feels the city can't be trusted and is abusing its authority. He says the recent events in Lumberton is laying the foundation to get rid of the mayor.

"The whole thing is these alderman are trying to frustrate Mrs. Holder to the extent that she will quit," said Underwood.

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