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Home inventor creates "Smart Cup" alternative to sippy cups

Ohio resident Pete Draganic loves to tinker around in his garage. His latest invention is the Reflo Smart Cup, a spill-proof alternative to sippy cups for kids.

Popular among children but frowned upon by doctors, using sippy cups can prevent mouth muscles from developing properly, which can lead to speech delays.

"If you shake [the Smart Cup], the water goes nowhere," says Draganic. "The liquid is not going to be on your carpet."

The Smart Cup is like a regular cup, with a specially designed filter that allows a small, steady stream of liquid to flow out no matter which way it is picked up or poured.

Draganic started selling the product on his website and has already been contacted by two national retailers and a local drug store chain that want to carry them. Several daycare centers in other states have also ordered Reflo Smart Cups to replace their supplies of sippy cups.

This is no overnight sensation, however. Draganic says that he actually had the idea for the invention more than 14 years ago. He hasn't quit his day job yet, but hopes that the invention will take off soon.

Check out Reflo Smart Cups  here.

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