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Hattiesburg Clinic moves to computerized medical records

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - For decades it has taken tons of paper and time for health care agencies to keep record of patient's health care needs but a new electronic health record system, that Hattiesburg Clinic is set to unveil, will improve patient care, efficiency among Doctor's offices and allow patient's to view everything on line.

Dr. Brian Batson's patients will no longer have to fill out their medical history and prescription information, every time he sends them to a different Doctor. That's because Hattiesburg Clinic, which has about 230 Physicians is switching to Epic, an electronic medical records system.

"Your medical record follows you where ever you go," said Batson.@

Which eliminates the old method of color coded medical charts in each Doctor's office.

"Any information that a provider puts in, within the entire organization, can be shared amongst the providers. There are some other really nice features for the patients, where they are more connected to their health care, they have more access to it on line," said Batson.

Clinic I. T. Trainer John Klauk is helping Doctor's, Nurses and clinic staff learn the Epic system.

Klauk said, "The functionality that is available in the new system has increased. You have a lot of ability to look throughout the patients chart, records and images but in addition to that, a lot of the information that has not been shared as an organization, is now shared between Clinicians."

Patients will have access to an online portal, making it easy to quickly see test results, Doctor's recommendations, request prescription refills and schedule appointments.

"Some of the great features in this system are reminders not only to the patient but to the providers as well. Reminders on what labs are do for the patient, or when they are do for their health maintenance such as: mammogram's and Pap smears. You get reminders that are really helpful when you are trying to manage some of these patients."

More information allowing you and the Doctor you see a better way to manage your health.

Hattiesburg Clinic plans to go live with it's new system within the next couple of weeks.

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