Poplarville Chiropractor offers alternative scoliosis treatment

POPLARVILLE, MS (WDAM) - A new one-of-a-kind scoliosis treatment called CLEAR scoliosis therapy, is changing the quality of life for many Mississippians.

Chiropractor Dr. Kelvie Culpepper said being diagnosed with scoliosis no longer means up to 23 hours a day wearing an uncomfortable back brace, or the possibility of spinal surgery.

Culpepper specializes in CLEAR therapy. In fact, she is the only Chiropractor in the state to offer this type of treatment. "It's an alternative to watching and waiting, bracing and surgery."

It is an option South Mississippi resident Donna Corr is relieved she found out about, her son Hunter, 15, was diagnosed with scoliosis in May 2011, after months of back pain.

"He was complaining of lower back pain during basketball season and he was working with a weight trainer," said Corr, "So, at first we thought he was over doing it because he is very active. So, we went from some Ibuprofen and rubbing his back to rub my spine."

Hunter had three curves in his spine, one in each region. He was 2 degrees away from being put into a brace. His Doctor at the time wanted to wait it out until he stopped growing.

"We were all really upset, that was just not a good diagnosis for a 15 year-old-boy and to have too live with pain."

After months of following Dr. Kelvie Culpepper's individualized treatment plan, Hunter is pain free.

Culpepper said, "The treatment is about  one hour and 45 minutes and you are moving to different sets of machines. We call it a mix, fix, set treatment."

Mix, fix and set involves stretching ligaments with traction and vibration, followed by adjusting the patients posture, creating more function to the spine.

"Then we use what's called a scoliosis traction chair and it is pretty unique to what we do."

Culpepper said it reduces scoliosis while the patient is in the chair. It allows the body's nerve system to become reprogrammed against gravity, making each correction permanent.

"From what I have seen it is very effective for controlling their pain and a lot of times eliminating it all together."

"By the end of that third week, there was no lower back pain anymore, at all. It's amazing if you look at where he started to where he is now," said Corr.

"We are constantly researching new and improved ways to treat this better than staying where we are," said Culpepper.

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