UPDATE: Boys doing good after Saturday’s ATV accident

The following is a press release from Linda Cranford, Jones County Fire Council PIO...

JONES CO. - The two young boys who were injured in an ATV accident, shortly after noon, on Saturday, are recovering at home with their mother, Tammy Evans.

The accident occurred when the brothers were riding their new four-wheeler their father, Bret, had just purchased for them on Rushton Road near Lake Bogue Homa when a dog ran out in front of them.  When they swerved to miss hitting the dog they struck a mailbox and the four-wheeler flipped.  Neither was wearing a helmet.

Fourteen-year old Ty Evans was airlifted to Forest General Hospital by Baptist Lifeflight 4 with a serious head injury and his brother 9-year old Logan Evans was transported to SCRMC by EmServ with what was believed to be non-life threatening injuries.

Tuesday night Tammy Evans said, "The boys are doing great, bruised and beat up, but they're fine."

Evans said that Logan was released from SCRMC Saturday, shortly after being admitted to the emergency, with a lot of bruises, but no broken bones.

When Evans got to Forest General the doctors told her that Ty had a severe concussion and suggested he be flown to a pediatric unit in Jackson and that he would probably not remember anything that happened.

"At around 8:30 p.m. Saturday night, Ty woke up and he could remember almost everything," exclaimed Evans.  "He remembered the accident and the helicopter ride.  He ate a hamburger and French fries that night and pancakes the next morning.  And I was able to take him home Sunday afternoon.  I have two very lucky boys.  And, right now, they are recovering here, with their mom."

Evans expressed her gratitude for the medical first responders and rescue units who attended to her sons on Saturday.  "I'm so glad there was someone on scene with the common sense to be able to make the decision to get urgent help for my boys."

Evans also wanted to thank everyone throughout the community for their phone calls and support.  "It has really meant a lot," exclaimed Evans.