Former Bassfield Mayor honored for his work on The Trace

JEFF DAVIS COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Friends, family and members of the community came together Tuesday morning, to pay tribute the distinguished career of former Bassfield Mayor, Colonel Bufford Blount.

Blount was considered one of the driving forces that helped create The Long Leaf Trace and in order to honor his hard work and dedication, the Jefferson Davis State Lake Access Connection on the trail was dedicated to him.

Blount's son, retired Army Major General Buff Blount said, "It is a permanent record of some of the accomplishments and things that my Dad put priority on getting done in his life."

Blount served as Mayor for more than 30 years, and in that time, he played a major role in the development of the Long Leaf Trace.

President of The Board of Directors of Rails to Trails Lynn Cartlidge said, "He was always interested in trying to do something better for the people of this area because he was born and raised here."

Cartlidge said it was Mayor Blount who recognized the recreational and economic value, that connecting The Trace with Jefferson Davis State Lake had.

"I just know that he would be proud to know that something has been dedicated to him and for his family to carry it on."

Former President of Rails to Trails Bobby Garraway said, "It was his idea to get this on out to the lake and its gone from that to fruition today and I think that's a great thing."

Family, friends, residents of the community and those who knew him best gathered for a special ceremony, unveiling a number of permanent markers and a new tree, in the area which will forever be known as "Mayor Blount's Contrail."

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