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Viewpoint: Hell Visited America

September 11, 2001…ten years ago this Sunday…the finger of Hell reached out and touched America in the name of radical Islam.  In New York, Washington and a quiet pasture in Pennsylvania…3000 innocent men, women and children were killed…incinerated in a most horrible way by a handful of Islamic jihadist.  For no reason other than hatred. 

If that is not a plot straight from the bowels of Hades…an act of pure evil…I don't know what is. We have been at war with these death merchants ever since, and life as we once knew it has changed.  They are still bent on our destruction as we are reminded by the warnings of plots by the radical Islamists against us even as we speak. 

Many towns and organizations are planning ceremonies at Noon Central Time time…some churches will ring bills, some will observe a moment of silence at the end of their services in honor of those who died. First responders will have ceremonies.  All well and good.  But we should continue to remember what they did to us that day.  We should not shy away from showing the scenes of the planes hitting those towers. 

We should not refrain from calling terrorists what they are.  We should never give them quarter.  Yes we should remember the grief and honor the victims and heroes of nine-eleven.  We should also be stirred to righteous anger, horror and resolve as well.  Lest we forget.  I'm Jim Cameron…write and let us know what you think.

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