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3 common diet mistakes

There are three common mistakes many dieters make that may prevent them from losing weight. 

The first mistake made by many is avoiding animal protein. Some people turn to foods high in starch instead, but avoiding protein found in meat also means that you are avoiding essential nutrients like vitamin B-12, calcium and vitamin D.

Registered Dietician Brenda Walsh says that meals rich in protein help fight fatigue and maintain strong, healthy bones. She also says that another common dieting mistake is taking supplements. 

"We do find benefits in getting supplements from certain foods like vitamin C and vitamin E, but not necessarily in taking those supplements," she explains. 

A second mistake is avoiding fish and fats, which contain the powerful antioxidant omega-3 that helps prevent memory loss. The third major diet mistake is eating processed or pre-packaged foods instead of whole foods that you can find in the grocery store.

If you aren't sure what to buy, dieticians recommend selecting whole foods that have a lot of color – these foods are usually rich with vitamins and nutrients that will help keep you healthy and trim!

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