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More men seeking plastic surgery

What kind of guy gets Botox injections?

47-year old Chris Zwolinski is a carpenter and former member of the military. Botox, which temporarily deadens small facial muscles, helps remove the wrinkles around his eyes and forehead. 

"I know the wrinkles give us our wisdom, but I'd like to remain youthful and healthy-looking," Zwolinski says.

Zwolinski is the new breed of patient at the Ohio Clinic for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. Dr. Michael Wojtanowski, a plastic surgeon at the clinic, says that almost 30 percent of his patients now are men.

"We see everything from construction workers to assembly workers to doctors and lawyers," he shares.

Mitchell Sotka is another example. A successful antique dealer, Sotka routinely gets facials at Ohio Clinic Skin Care. He says they help "make you look as best as you can for as long as you can." 

More than one million men underwent cosmetic procedures last year. Despite the bad economy, facelifts are up 14 percent. Botox injections are up 9 percent and liposuction is up 7 percent. The hottest procedure for men right now is liposuction to get rid of love handles.

With an increasing number of men going under the knife, it might make you stop and wonder about all those lines and creases. Zwolinski and Sotka would simply say: Don't knock it ‘until you try it.

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