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Three in a bed may not be a safe place for baby

Good sleep is a gift, according to Parenting Expert Betsy Brown Braun. That is why Braun advises against raising your children in the "family bed."

It may sound like a cozy beginning for you and your baby, but sharing a bed with Mommy and Daddy has a down-side. Ask yourself these questions: Will you and the baby get the rest you both need? How will it affect your spousal relationship? Is it safe for your infant and will it instill self-reliance in your child? 

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers A Parent's Guide to Safe Sleep, a free PDF download.  Some of the safe sleeping practices recommended include always placing babies on their backs to sleep, leaving their heads uncovered and making sure not to bundle them with too many clothes or blankets; and taking care not to let your baby get too hot.

Signs of overheating are sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, heat rash and rapid breathing. Dress your baby in light clothing to sleep and set the room temperature in a range that is comfortable for a lightly-clothed adult.


Download A Parent's Guide to Safe Sleep PDF

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