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Texting while walking accidents on the rise

You've heard the dangers of texting while driving, but now it's going further. People are being hurt or even killed because they are texting and walking.

One city in Idaho has made it illegal to text while walking across the street and lawmakers in New York are considering the same thing.

On the University of Arizona campus it's a swarm of multi-tasking students with their heads down and fingers moving.

"In parking lots a lot of people walk in to poles. I mean, it's kind of funny," says student Megan Brenna.

While bumps, bruises and damaged pride can easily be laughed off for some, Cathy Cruz Moarrero's now infamous fall into a fountain still haunts her. Others have been seriously injured, or even killed while texting and walking.

In a nationwide study, 80 hospitals were chosen as test sights to report texting and walking injuries. The UMC Trauma Center in Tucson was one of them.

While only 1,000 ER visits were reported nationwide, Dan Judkins, UMC's trauma educator, says that's enough to raise some eyebrows. Judkins says that most of the injures involved with texting and walking were broken ankles, fractures and lacerations, but the consequences could be much worse.

"If you were to step off into traffic, like I saw almost happen last week, you could get hit by a car," he says.

He warns people to use common sense. Don't text your way into a hospital bed -- or worse!

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