Jones County Supervisors approve a $35 million budget

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Jones County Supervisors voted in favor of a $35 million fiscal budget for 2012, but they will be operating with five percent less than last year.

On October 1st the 2012 budget will go into effect. Department heads will be operating with less money due to the county's assessed value.

Jones County Administrator Charles Miller said, "Actual this year, almost 60 percent of our revenue will come from property taxes and unfortunately the assess value have gone down that is mainly due to the assess value of automobile."

Officials said that is because less people are buying cars and few people are building houses. The county is expected to take in $422,000 less than last year.

Miller said, "It is a tough year. This the first year in many many years that we have actual had a reduction in the assess value"

56 percent of the county budget will go toward education. That is the same amount collected in property taxes; however, county officials say taxpayer will not have to endure a mileage increase.

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