The DREAM Foundation sends Pine Belt family to Disney World

FOXWORTH, MS (WDAM) - Walking around the amusement parks at Disney World in Orlando won't be easy for Robert Alan Turnage of Foxworth but it's a memory he hopes will fill the hearts and minds of his three grandchildren forever.

Turnage said, "I can't wait to get them down there to see it. I know they are going to love it!"

Robert's dream has always been to take his grandchildren on a vacation to Disney World, but it's a trip that almost didn't happen. In 2010, after battling pneumonia for a few months he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

"My daughter's and the grand kids had planned the trip to Disney World and this came up with me. So they put it off, because they didn't want to leave me."

Word got out to The DREAM Foundation and Friday afternoon Tammy Miller along with four other volunteers showed up at his house to grant his wish in person.@

"Having a good end of life and quality of life and making memories and spending time with your family is often the best medicine."

"I have never been, they have never been, so I am not really sure what to expect.I think it is going to be amazing just to see them have a great time."

Not only are they going to Disney World for a week but the team brought over tons of other goodies for the kids as well as $1,500 to spend.

Miller said, "For the last three weeks, we have collected money, worked on an itinerary, worked on getting Robert  a scooter to make his life easier, so he can conserve energy to share with his family."

"They all got together and really just surprised us with it and its been great! I am just thankful," said Turnage.

"Memories of our grandparents, memories of our mother and father and our childhood, those are in our heart, they can never leave,' said Miller, "And to be able to provide that to these children is truly what this is all about."

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