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Southern Pine EPA starts new recycling program

HATTIESBURG MS (WDAM) - Starting this Thursday, Southern Pine Electric Power Association is starting a recycling program for household compact fluorescent light bulbs, which are the energy efficient spiral shaped bulbs.

The program will allow Southern Pine members and those in the community to place their burnt out bulbs in recycling bins located in the lobby's of their many locations.

Folks can come by the association's Hattiesburg, Taylorsville, Newton, New Hebron and Brandon offices, place their bulbs in available plastic bags and put them in the recycling bin free of charge.

Those bulbs will then be sent to a Connecticut company called Next Level Recycling. Southern Pine explained that it's important to recycle compact fluorescent bulbs because they do contain small amounts of mercury. Leif Munkel is the Communications Coordinator for Southern Pine EPA.

Munkel said, "We are sending them up to Next Level for recycling in Connecticut, they are going to take all the individual parts of the bulb, the phosphor, the glass, the metal parts of the bulb and they are going to re-purpose it into other industries."

Southern Pine said if large quantities of compact fluorescent bulbs are simply thrown out and put in landfills, that can damage the environment.

The electric power association is only accepting compact household fluorescent bulbs for recycling, not the long tubes or other types of lights.

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