MHP kicks off Labor day drunk driving blitz

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - This Labor day, troopers will be out in full force making sure people are staying safe while out on the roadways.

This year's slogan is "Drive sober or get pulled over." Mississippi has seen a steady decline in the number of alcohol related deaths, fatal crashes, and overall fatalities, while seeing the number of written DUI violations increase.

Cpl. Todd Miller with MHP Troop J said, "We are not against drinking but we are against drinking and driving. If somebody chooses to drink and drive be aware there are consequences."

Dewayne Morgan and his wife Judy of Booneville Mississippi know first hand what happens when people drink, then get behind the wheel.

"My life on September 8th 2009 changed forever," said Dewayne Morgan.

Morgan was on his motorcycle heading home when he was hit head on by a female drunk driver and nearly lost his life.

"I had to have twenty-something units of blood, my left arm was almost amputated, my left leg had to be cut off 6 inches above the knee, I had 22 broken bones and was given a 2% chance to live."

Two years later Morgan is doing much better, but the choice one person made will impact him and his family forever.

Judy Morgan said, "It's different when you have to pay for your own choices but when you have to pay for somebody else's it's a very big difference."

"Everyday that I get up and put my leg on, is a reminder of what happened to me."

"It was her choice, she had a choice and she made the wrong one," said Judy Morgan.

Mississippi law enforcement is already flooding the roadways with extra officers and will continue through the Labor Day holiday.

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