Petal school officials meet to discuss progress

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - On Monday, the Petal School District hosted their seventeenth annual strategic plan brain storming session at the city's Center for Families and Children.

Every August, members of school district's administration, teachers, parents, students and community members get together for two days to review the goals they set the previous year and develop new educational benchmarks for the district.

Petal's Superintendent, John Buchanan, explained that some of the achievements over the past year he is proud of include an early focus in the elementary grades on college attendance and career development.

In terms of future improvements, Buchanan would like to encourage more positive school attendance numbers in grades kindergarten through the twelfth, in addition to attaining a high school graduation rate of one hundred percent.

"And there is so much research, there is so much study that just shows that a student who graduates, income is going to be better, the opportunities for success are going to be much more relevant. And so what we are trying to do is just give every student an opportunity to be successful in not only the Petal school district but when they leave here. Whether it's military whether it's work force. Or hopefully college," said Buchanan.

An education consulting company called, Transformation Systems Limited, facilitated Monday's meeting. They have been working to help the Petal School District stay focused on their strategic plan since 1994.

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