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WDAM Viewpoint- General Election

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August 25, 2011             

We'd like to congratulate Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree for winning the nomination as the gubernatorial nominee for the Democrat party.  We also congratulate Lt. Governor Phil Bryant for capturing the gubernatorial nomination for the Republican party.  Both men struck a good cord Tuesday night in pledging to run clean and respectful campaigns based on the issues and not personal attacks.  Of course we've seen a number of candidates for various offices make that same vow over the years only to plunge into the barrel of negativity as the campaign progressed.  We believe these are two honorable men who mean what they say and we hope they stick to it.  No doubt the national parties will get involved and often that is where some of the really vicious stuff comes into play.  Why do they do it, you may ask?   Because it usually works.  People too often want to believe the worst.  We have always urged voters to do your homework.  Pay attention to what the candidates say about the issues and follow all the campaigns as much as possible.  There are other races on the November General Election ballot as well.  So best of luck to the remaining candidates and we hope that Mississippi indeed will be an example of honorable campaigning that can be pointed to by others in the years to come.  I'm Jim Cameron and that's today's Viewpoint.