Pride of the Pine Belt: Web Heidelberg

© Web Heidelberg
© Web Heidelberg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Web Heidelberg is a longtime Hattiesburg Attorney and committed member of the Hub City's downtown community. He is currently President of the Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association.

According to Heidelberg, "Downtown is just a unique place. For one thing it's everybody's neighborhood. It's no one group's neighborhood, it's everybody's neighborhood. Downtown belongs to everybody."

Recently Heidelberg, along with a Downtown Association Committee, has been busy making sure plans to turn the city's Gordon's Creek into a traveling park become a reality.

"Hardly anybody has lived in Hattiesburg that has not been touched by Gordon's Creek one way or the other. Or experienced Gordon's Creek one way or another," said Heidelberg.

Heidelberg explained that as a kid growing up in Hattiesburg, he would often play in the creek. "It historically was an absolutely glorious natural stream running through the city," explained Heidelberg. "Now it was channelized in the 1970's or 80's by the Corp of Engineers, but it's still an attractive stream. And could be a lot more attractive and is going to be, if this project goes through."

The proposed Gordon's Creek linear park would also link up to other Hub City features like the Long Leaf Trace, Kamper Park and Forrest General Hospital.

Heidelberg said, "Somebody described it as a string of pearls, all of these assets located along the winding creek throughout the city."

A walking trail, lighting, and descriptive information about area attractions will all be included in the proposed project. A landscape architectural firm has already come up with a conceptual design for the park. A civil engineering company will now apply their expertise to the plans.

"And then we can go to the various governmental agencies to raise the money for the actual construction," said Heidelberg.

Heidelberg said the project will also provide a great way to experience Hattiesburg first hand, either on foot or on a bike.

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