Petal special election results in runoff

PETAL, MS (WDAM) -  Tuesday's special election for alderman-at- large in Petal will result a runoff election in a few weeks.

Nine candidates were in the race to fill the post formerly held by Willie Hinton, who died in July.

Craig Bullock had 239 votes while William King had 176.  Bullock did not have more than 50% of the vote so a runoff election between Bullock and King will be held in two weeks on August 30th.

Below are the results of the special election...


  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">CRAIG BULLOCK                 239
  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">WILLIAM KING                    176
  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">BRENDA J. HINTON              134
  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">KENNETH R. WEST              134
  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">JEFFREY GINN                     117
  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">JOE MCMURRY, SR.               93
  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">BUBBA NOBLES                     74
  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">MARK LYON                           72
  • style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">ROY HELTON                         36

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