Hattiesburg City Council discuss city budget

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)-  Chief Financial Officer, Connie Everett says the city is facing decreasing federal revenues for the next year.

Other budget concerns are raising general fund cash reserves to a level of $4 million, repairing infrastructure, and replacing aging equipment.

One equipment issue has a temporary fix, that is the 20 vehicles the council approved for the Hattiesburg Police Department; however the issue is still touchy.

President Kim Bradley says the department requested 30 new cars a year, which would cost over $1 million dollars. Bradley says the council supports the department's need, but they are seeking a better plan.

Everett says the city is not where it wants to be, but things are not worse.

"We still have a lot of capital projects that we are working on thanks to federal dollars. Our match dollars are sometimes nothing at all. We have been able to make the city look better, and do the improvements that we are trying to. And yes there are so many things that we can't address right now, but we're doing what we can," said Everett.

The city has until September 15th to adopt a budget.