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Texas A&M to the SEC: "Just not true"

Message boards, blogs and social networking sites have flooded with rumors surrounding Texas A&M University's possible move to the Southeastern Conference. The latest rumors say that A&M's board of regents approved the move, and that the conference will be voting very soon on whether or not to approve the move.

The latest release, however, indicates otherwise. While A&M university officials and the conference are indeed talking about a possible swing from the Big 12 to the SEC, SportingNews reports that a "high-ranking" official within the SEC stepped forward and said these rumors are "just not true" and "way premature." 

Earlier in the week, Rivals.com reported that Texas A&M accepted an invitation from the SEC to join the conference, but the same SEC official indicated that both sides are no where near that point in the process.

There are still holes to be filled, including, should the conference accept Texas A&M, a fourteenth member would still be needed. There has been no indication as to who that fourteenth team would be or which conference the team would come from.

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