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WDAM Viewpoint- Troubled Times

August 10, 2011

Columbus discovered this part of the Earth a little over 500 years ago.  It took us almost 300 years after that to form a sovereign nation, founded on the amazing and revolutionary ideas of governance and economy collectively gleaned from the accumulated disciplines and experiments of mankind down through the ages.  We then threw off the impossibly strong shackles of European domination with a rag- tag, but Divinely inspired and empowered military force of citizen soldiers.  Over the next 100 or so years our people conquered a continent.   We went on to win two World Wars, invent the automobile, airplane and land people on the Moon and in a relatively short time put together something called the internet based on something called a computer.  Medical science has prolonged human life expectancy in the United States by approximately 30 years since 1900.  From horseback to rocket ship in less than 500 years.  From taking months to cross the continent to non-stop flights from coast to coast.  And yet we have people saying that we have so mishandled our economy that our nation is on the brink of the abyss.  People are arguing violently about whose fault it is and the best ways to fix it.  Mostly we are just fussing and fighting among ourselves.  I'm not smart enough to know whether we are tittering on the edge of ruination or not.  But after all this nation has done…to be brought down from within by incompetence and selfishness is something to be answered for.  We see what the fruits of working together can be.  But the Bible tells us that a "house divided cannot stand".  These are troubled times indeed.  Hopefully that is a piece of wisdom we won't put to the test.  I'm Jim Cameron—write and let us know what you think.

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