Sacred Heart School begins a new academic year

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Over seven hundred students were welcomed back to Sacred Heart School in downtown Hattiesburg Tuesday for the beginning of a new academic year.

This is the second year students in grades seventh through the twelfth are going to school in a new location, situated just blocks from the elementary school on Walnut Street.

Sacred Heart has grown in size significantly over the last five years. In 2006, the school was educating four hundred students compared to a current enrollment of seven hundred, eight students.

For the high school's class of 2012, this year will be a memorable one because many of the students have been in class with one another since pre-kindergarten.

Seniors said they appreciate Sacred Heart School for it's strong focus on academics and the ability to experience the school's growth. Sarah Schmidt is a Sacred Heart Senior, who discussed the new junior high and high school facility on Tuesday.

Schmidt said, "I'm glad that we are here and that we get to graduate at this school, and that we get to be one of the first classes to do so. Because it really is going to be a major part of Sacred Heart's history. And I know how much is going to come from the school's growth and expansion in this building."

Twenty four students make up the class of 2012. However, in a few years the senior class will be much bigger. Sacred Heart's seventh grade has a current class size of sixty three students.

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