The State Department of Education implements a new code of ethics

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The State of Mississippi has implemented a new code of ethics.

As students and teachers headed back to the classroom, the relationship in which they interact with each other will be one of standards. The Mississippi Department of Education has implemented a new code of ethics:standards of conduct.

Laurel School Superintendent, Chuck Benigno said each of his teachers received the document and understands the importance and liability of their behavior.

Benigno said "As educators we should be held to a higher standard. We hold a special place in society. I think it is important and I am real pleased that the Mississippi Department of Education has released this new code of ethics that spells out what we should be doing as educators but specifically the behaviors that are unacceptable particularly for an educator and there relationship with their students."

The code of ethics addresses everything from professional conduct, trustworthiness, to sexual contents.

Benigno said "I think to often in the past when something would happen that would be inappropriate districts might turn a blind eye or as long as someone resigned they could go on but no longer that is the case. We are held accountable for any actions that are taken, if there is anything that is inappropriate we must report it."

Benigno said that includes any kind of social media contact.

Benigno said "In today's society everybody is on facebook and twitter and texting, so it is important that teacher understand and educators understand that communicating through these methods is really not appropriated and that there needs to be professionalism between teachers and students."

If teachers are caught violating any of these standards it could result to them losing their license to teach.

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