Johnny DuPree is ready for the runoff

© Mayor Johnny DuPree
© Mayor Johnny DuPree

HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) -  After garnering forty four percent of the vote Tuesday and coming out on top in the Democratic Primary, Hattiesburg's Mayor Johnny DuPree still faces a runoff election for Governor in three weeks with Bill Luckett of Clarksdale.

On Wednesday, DuPree was back at work after getting up around five thirty AM to begin his day as leader of the Hub City and Democratic candidate for Governor. DuPree said he is excited about the next three weeks of spreading his message across the state.

Additionally, DuPree was encouraged by the numbers of Democratic voters, who came out to cast ballots on Tuesday. Nearly eighty eight thousand more Mississippians voted in the Democratic primary compared to the Republican one.

The initial field of four Democratic candidates for Governor was narrowed down to two on Tuesday. Bill Luckett received thirty nine percent of the vote behind Mayor DuPree.

According to Johnny DuPree, "I'm optimistic about our chances, our opportunity. We started calling this morning and receiving calls all day, calls of support. And we will work as hard in the next three weeks as we have in this last year."

Mayor Johnny DuPree also received the support of two former Democratic candidates for Governor, William Compton and Guy Shaw. DuPree said the issues most important to voters are job creation and education.

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