Pride of the Pine Belt: Owen Bass

© Sgt. Owen Bass
© Sgt. Owen Bass

HATTIESBURG, MS. (WDAM) - Senior Patrol Sergeant Owen Bass of Seminary has been a part of the Forrest General Campus Police Department for thirteen years, responding to the many needs of the facility and the thousands of people who go there daily for treatment.

According to Bass his favorite part of the job includes, "The opportunity to help people because we have a department right there in front of the ER so as people pull up, they are in really bad shape and we are able to assist them, get them inside, get them medical attention. So basically helping people would be the biggest thing."

Prior to his position with Forrest General, Bass was a member of the National Guard and he traveled around a lot due to overseas military commitments. And because of that reality, he was not able to complete his college degree.

Bass explained, "I got three years behind me and on that last year, I was taking part time classes and working full time and I met my future wife. And the next thing I knew I was married with three kids and now sixteen years later and I still have one year of college."

But that may not be the case for long. As a member of the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Association, Bass had an opportunity to apply for a two year online college scholarship from the Association and Columbia Southern University.

Bass is the first person to receive that award due to his moving application essay. "And it's just a personal goal I set years ago that finally I'll get to complete finally," said Bass.

His colleagues at the Forrest General Police Department, like Director Wayne Landers, know full well Bass's longtime desire to reach that important milestone.

Landers said, "We are just very proud of him. Proud that he had this opportunity to continue his education. Over the years he's mentioned several times, I'd love to be able to finish my degree, and this going to help him be able to do that."

Owen Bass will start taking online courses from Columbia Southern University in September. He plans to complete his Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

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