Gubernatorial Candidate Ron Williams sets up shop in Hattiesburg


Gubernatorial candidate Ron Williams came to Hattiesburg Tuesday. Williams and his campaign staff held a grand opening celebration at the new Hattiesburg office. The Republican hopeful says his main goals, if he is elected governor, are to cut wasteful spending and focus on the medical issues to fix the problems in Mississippi.

Williams said, "We have to stop wasteful spending. We have to put that money back in our budget. We're throwing away a lot of money through good ol' boy non-compete contracts in our state. You know, every other problem in our state that we talk about has to do with money. Education funding, concerns about funding Medicaid, all of that is money related. The first thing we have to do is stop wasting money, then we'll find out what our true available revenue is, then we'll find out how to distribute that money so that we can take care of the folks in Mississippi. "

Williams says he wanted to open an office in Hattiesburg because the voters here worry about the same things he does, like their children, education, where the state is heading, debt, and the job market.

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