WDAM Viewpoint- Summertime Safety

July 13, 2011

It's summertime in South Mississippi.  If you have lived here a while, you know what that means.  If you just moved here…you are in the process of finding out.  It is hot and it is humid here in the Sub-Tropic Gulf South—and will continue to be for quite some time.  One of the ways people try to beat the heat is by hitting the water.  Rivers, creeks, and lakes, swimming pools or going to the beach are all favorite passtimes.  A tradgic consequence of this is that every year a number of people drown while engaging in water sports.  While certainly not fail safe…one of the best preventative measures one can take is to learn to swim.  There are numerous places and organizations that offer swimming and life-saving classes.  If you can't swim—no matter your age—find out where to take lessons and enroll.  Parents, if you are a swimmer, please do the responsible thing and make sure your children know how to swim and handle themselves in the water.  Summertime down south can be great…just don't set yourself up for danger in the process of enjoying the great outdoors.  I'm Jim Cameron, and we always want to hear what's on your mind.