Postal Service spokesperson explains potential Hattiesburg move

HATTIESBURG,MS (WDAM)- Postal Spokesperson for the State of Mississippi, Nancy Ross, says the USPS difficult financial situation is the only reason why they are considering to move the Hattiesburg post office mail processing.

"This situation has developed over the last four or five years where the postal service has dropped in volume, from 2006 about 213 billion pieces of first class mail down to a 170 billion, that is significant," said Ross.

Due to this, the United States Postal Service is looking at studies nationally not just in Hattiesburg. Ross says moving the service is an option they are considering.

"About 130 to 140 of them currently underway. Some have been completed and implemented, some have been completed and halted for various reasons."

If the study is approved a small number of employees will be affected at the Hattiesburg post office.

"Its one supervisor and about eight employees they won't be laid off. They will merely be moved to other positions in and around Hattiesburg," said Ross.

Ross says with those salaries saved the processing center can be handled by Gulfport.

"Gulfport has the space. Gulfport has the employees, and because of the fact that our volume has dropped Gulfport can easily accommodate the volume move from Hattiesburg to Gulfport," said Ross.

Ross added overnight mail services may be delayed two days at the most. She wants the public to understand this proposal, approved or not,  is just a process of housekeeping for the postal service.

"Its a business decision. Do we like it? No. We don't like it. But we have to survive, and we have to do things to survive just like any business in Hattiesburg would do if they were in a financial crisis," said Ross.

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