Petal Physical Therapists gain national recognition

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Physical Therapy is vital to many patients recovering from injuries or surgery. It can be a life changing tool for people in excruciating pain everyday. Two Petal Physical Therapists are now nationally recognized for their excellence in pain management therapy.

Physical Therapist Kimberly Schramm and Physical Therapist Assistant Tanya Powell spend everyday teaching their patients that regular stretching and exercise is the key to pain management. However, when patients are in constant pain it is hard to fathom taking part in either.

That's where they come in, Schramm said, "We work with a variety of patients from orthopedics, joint pain, sore muscles, neck and back pain."

Schramm especially enjoys working with breast cancer patients suffering from lymphodema.

"Individuals come in here and they hurt so bad that they can't do things like comb their hair, they can't go to the store, they can't put shoes and socks on. We can make a huge impact in the things that people can do in just a short amount of time."

After a knee injury that involved surgery, Powell knows first hand how hard it can be to manage pain on a daily basis, and how physical therapy can be tough but makes a world of difference.

Powell said, "When I treat a patient I have a lot of empathy on where they are, what they are experiencing and what I can say to help them move forward in their rehab and progressing to where they are back to a functioning ability."

The team of two work so close and well together, they were recently awarded national recognition by the American Physical Therapy Association.

"It is a testament to what we do here, the teamwork that we provide to our patients, it shows us that it is seen outwardly in the community," said Powell.

"We are very honored to be considered  the nations best Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant team," said Schramm.

Both said it is a great feeling to know they make such a big impact on people's lives in the community as well as in their profession.

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