Band of Brothers: Julius Bass's unlikely friendship

© Julius Bass
© Julius Bass

LAUREL, MS. (WDAM) - Laurel veteran Jimmy Bass and his two brothers all fought and survived World War II. Bass and his middle brother fought in the Pacific while their big brother, Julius, was a B-17 bomber pilot in Europe.

Jimmy Bass said on February sixth, 1944, Julius Bass's plane was shot down over Bricy, France. Upon landing, Bass was captured by members of the German Air Force and taken to a POW camp.

On the way there, one of the soldiers named Hubert Winklmaier found Bass's name and address during a search and later wrote it down on a torn piece of Bass's parachute. Winklmaier said he would write Bass after the war, and he kept that promise. His first letter to Bass included the torn piece of parachute.

The two men became good friends and Bass even sent care packages to Winklmaier after the war because he thought his friend may be in need, due to the destruction in war torn Germany.

Jimmy Bass explained, "The care package consisted of just everyday needs and he did that for several months. And eventually the German told him, he said I'm not in need or anything. It turned out the German was a high official in Volkswagen."

Bass said his brother and Winklmaier were just like brothers, and the white silk parachute Julius Bass used in 1944 was used to make a German girl's wedding dress.

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