Postal Service may move some mail processing out of Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)-  There's a proposal being considered by the United States Postal Service to stop outgoing mail from being processed at the Hattiesburg Post Office off South 40th, and move that processing to Gulfport.  Postal worker Tim Eaton is opposed to the idea.

"Now, whenever they drop the mail that is in this box behind us it goes right into the work room floor and it is processed. Whenever this plan takes affect, when they drop the mail in this box behind me, then the mail will be put on a truck shipped to Gulfport. Where as far as we can tell Hattiesburg employees will have to work the mail, then the mail will come back and simply be distributed to the carriers," said Eaton.

According to Eaton, this is creating a middleman where there is no need for one.  U.S. Postal Service officials say processing in Gulfport could save money.

"The only way it could save money is if they are looking at attrition, in other words they are saying that a net position loss of 8 jobs. Then they are obviously looking at attrition and attrition occurs anyway," said Eaton.

Eaton says he doesn't see the cost efficiency since no postal employees can be laid off, and some Hattiesburg workers jobs may be transferred.

"Then we would take out employees here in Hattiesburg ship them to Gulfport to work Hattiesburg's mail in Gulfport," said Eaton.

All these reasons are why Eaton and other postal workers have formed the committee, Save Our Service. The committee opposes the move and they are against the effect it may have on Hattiesburg residents.

"Its going to be a two day delivery to Jackson, Mccomb, Meridian from Hattiesburg. We don't understand how they can implement a plan that is actually going to cut services," said Eaton.

Eaton and the other members of the committee are not sure when this move will happen.

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