Water association turns down pennies as payment

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Change is good. But, one customer of a local water association has learned that change isn't good enough to pay his water bill. Ken Chambers tried to pay his $75 bill at the Arnold Line Water Association Thursday with a bag of pennies...7,500 pennies.

But, management refused to accept it.

They said they don't take coins as payment and said Chambers brought in pennies as retribution for having his water turned off.

Chambers said as of Thursday, there was no posted policy against taking change and said as long as its legal tender, the water association should accept the coins.

A handwritten policy regarding accepting coins as payment was seen at the office on West 4th St. Friday morning.

"Last time I checked, coins were money, so I went all day today without any water," said Ken Chambers. "I've got kids at home and we need water and they tell me they can't take my money," Chambers said.

"The problem we have with him (Chambers), is that he doesn't want to pay his bill on time," said C.R. Dixon, president and manger of Arnold Line Water Association. "He wants to just drag it out and pay like he wants to and our policy is that, if you're past due, we don't have 2 months water bills. Everything is paid by the monthly," Dixon said.

Chambers said Friday morning, he returned to pay his account with bills instead of change, and said his water was turned back on around 3 o'clock Friday afternoon.

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