McRath visits Hattiesburg, talks lockout, takes down hot wing

McRath taking on the blazin' wing at Buffalo Wild Wings in Hattiesburg
McRath taking on the blazin' wing at Buffalo Wild Wings in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM)- Over the past few days, former Southern Miss standout Gerald McRath has enjoyed a little down time in the hub city, spending time with and helping to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of America.

And even though the current NFL lockout prevents him from officially going back to work anytime soon, he says his schedule these days isn't that different from that of his previous three off-seasons.

"Working out," said McRath of this summer,  "Just because we were locked out of the facility, doesn't mean we have to stop doing what we're supposed to do."

The current Tennessee Titan linebacker has spent a lot of time on the road making sure he's doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing.

"Little bit of Nashville, little bit of home in Atlanta, and then coming back up here to try and finish off things here in Hattiesburg for the week," McRath said.

Even with the on-going lockout, McRath feels its imperative that he and his fellow players are ready for football this coming season.

"It's really crucial that, you know, everybody stays up in shape and does there job in the off-season," he said.

"I think it's our responsibility to make sure that we're in shape so whenever the lockout is over, that we're going to be ready to pick things up from where we left off."

While nothing official has been said by the league or by players, McRath says the general feeling around the league is that the lockout will end in around two weeks. While that may be a hot topic right now, it's not the only hot topic around here.

Accepting a challenge offered by some of the kids of the Boys and Girls Club of America, whom McRath joined for an autograph session at Buffalo Wild Wings, McRath chowed down on the hottest wing on the menu. It didn't go so well.

"My mouth is still burning," he said with a grin, "It's very hot. I failed that challenge clearly."

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