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WDAM Viewpoint- Law enforcement needs your help

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July 6, 2011


As Ontario Richardson reports tonight we have a total of five unsolved homicides in our part of the Pine Belt that have occurred within just the past few weeks.  One of those was a double homicide that occurred apparently during a home invasion and robbery.  These crimes have taken place in Jones, Perry, and Lamar counties and the City of Hattiesburg.  Someone out there knows what happened in each of these cases. 

Organizations such as the Jones County Crime Stoppers and the Metro Crime Stoppers exist in order for people to be able to provide tips to law enforcement agencies without their names ever being revealed.  If the information leads to an arrest or conviction it could even bring with it a reward.  But even without such an organization or possibility of a reward—we as citizens and human beings know that we each have an obligation to do the right thing.

Obviously, law enforcement works most efficiently when people are willing to come forward with information about criminal activity.  We all have a responsibility to do our part to engender a society in which we don't have to live in fear of those who would prey on the innocent.  If you have information that could possibly help…no matter how insignificant you may believe it to be…make sure it gets reported to the proper authorities.  You never know when it may just be the last piece of evidence that ties it all together.  I'm Jim Cameron with today's viewpoint.  Write and let us know what's on your mind.