Jones Co. Assistant D.A. shocked by Casey Anthony verdict

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - It was a verdict that stunned many, leaving so many unanswered questions.

Casey Anthony was spared the death penalty after hours of jury deliberation. Not guilty of murdering or abusing her two year old daughter Caylee.

Anthony, was only convicted on four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement officers.

J. Ronald Parrish, Jones County Assistant District Attorney is among many in disbelief.

"Obviously they returned the verdict like somebody who fell in a rabbit hole and came back up and couldn't see the forest trough the trees. You know, in the past part of my life I represented many despicable, filthy, criminals but if I got them off I never turned around and hugged their neck. I just went home and felt sorry about it."

Parrish feels although the prosecution did not have hard evidence, there was circumstantial evidence to prove Anthony killed her daughter.

"You know they think you have to have a picture of it, or DNA, or finger prints. That isn't the way it works. We have been here 200 years trying people and sometimes you don't have that but when you find a little baby's body in a garbage bag in the swamp, then I assume somebody murdered them. Talk about circumstantial evidence, it is an accumulation of things, you have a dead baby, a swamp and a garbage bag, you have a mother running around telling nobody about it, lying about it for 31 days."

Parrish said the prosecution is not required to prove what caused somebody's death.

"All I need to do is prove you did it and you do that by circumstantial evidence. The defense did a very good job of confusing people and it is shocking. They could have found her guilty of a number of different types of homicide but they found her guilty of nothing that is absurd."

Casey Anthony will be sentenced on Thursday.

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