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Sparklers seem non threatening but they too can be dangerous

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - If you ask people what the safest firework is, most will likely say sparklers. While sparklers may be less dangerous than some other types of fireworks, they are not completely free of danger--especially when we hand them to children.

A sparkler burns at approximately 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, yet they are often given to small children. They aren't quite as damaging as other types but they aren't completely free of danger, especially when we give them to children. In 2010 emergency rooms across the U.S. treated more than 8,500 people for fireworks injuries. 1,200 of those injuries were associated with sparklers.
40-percent of patients were under fifteen years old.
Lamar County Fire Coordinator George Stevens said, "A lot of the times we give them to young children and they might bump up against other kids or they throw them on the ground and when they are barefoot or in sandals and they step on it they get severely burned."

Stevens said injuries go up during the Fourth of July holiday and so does the amount of fires. In Oak Grove there has already been three fires reported this holiday weekend.

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